Thursday, June 4, 2009

Disney Princesses

After the first sequence on a beach, Sora wakes on a luminescent (stained glass/cel-shaded aesthetics) disc with the image of Snow White, the first of 6 princess spaces in the beginning of the game. The player/avatar is at his most innocent here; character configuration ("birth") and tutorial functions, etc. Next princess is Cinderella; then Sleeping Beauty (practice fighting Heartless), then Belle (early boss fight.) These are, perhaps, the princesses of already-captured world.

Disney Princesses started as a franchise of their own in 2000; they have their own line of videogames, media content, merchandise, etc.


  1. A returning motif to falling into the water as witnessed here are the various moments of falling through the air at the end. There are links between water, chaos, the end of the world, and darkness. Similarly, falling into darkness is a phrase used in various forms throughout the game. "Falling, falling into darkness," "Don't steep yourself in darkness too long," "darkness is flowing" et cetera.

    Finally, the unrepresented princesses are Alice (Wonderland, 3rd world), Jasmine (Aggrabah, 6th world), and Kairi.

  2. In the interstitial circle, there are also 3 princesses shown in silhouette...